Corrie's Aadi Alahan faces police trouble after row with Dev

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Aadi Alahan will find himself in trouble with the police next week, after a row with his dad Dev gets out of hand.

Aadi and Dev have been at loggerheads since Dev discovered the truth about Aadi's romance with Courtney Vance, who is married to Dev's business associate Darren.

While Aadi and Courtney are getting serious this week by looking for their own place to live, Dev is determined to split the couple up and he offers Courtney £5,000 to dump Aadi, having been given the cash by Darren.

dev alahan, aadi, coronation street
dev alahan, aadi, coronation street

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In scenes that will air next week, Dev is furious when he, his daughter Asha and Chesney Brown find the door to the kebab shop smashed open.

When Chesney shows the others a snow globe that he found on the floor of the shop, Dev's heart sinks as he realises that it belongs to Aadi. Asha warns her brother that Dev knows it was him who vandalised the shop door.

Later on, the police show up at the Bistro having received a report about the smashed door. Dev steps in and tries to tell them that it is a family matter, but Aadi is furious and accuses Dev of reporting him.

Asha then calls in to Aadi and Courtney's new flat at the precinct and tells Aadi that it was actually Chesney who reported him, not Dev.

aadi alahan, courtney vance, coronation street

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But Aadi remains unmoved, revealing that their dad offered Courtney money to leave him and so, as far as he's concerned, Dev is an idiot regardless.

As Asha leaves, Courtney tells Aadi that she's proud of him and leads him into the bedroom...

Actress Stephanie Davis, who plays Courtney, recently told Digital Spy and other media that her character's feelings for Aadi are "genuine", but that she also can't help using her romance with Aadi to rile up husband Darren.

"Courtney genuinely cares for Aadi, but Darren has cheated on her in the past," she explained. "Part of it for Courtney is her thinking: 'I'm going to treat you how you treated me, let's see how you like it!' She wants to get that reaction out of Darren."

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