Cost of keeping Jack Campbell in Toronto increasing by the save

Jack Campbell's superman save against Colorado was the latest impressive effort in an eye-catching season for the Maple Leafs goaltender, who now finds himself in a strong bargaining position for a contract extension in Toronto.

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Video Transcript

- Hey, everyone. Welcome back to "In the Mentions." Welcome to 2022. I'm TicTacTOmar. And just do me a quick favor, just like, look outside-- look outside, look in the sky, because what you're seeing is not a bird, it's not a plane, it's not even Superman himself, not Clark Kent, but it is Jack Campbell, making a ridiculous save against Devon Toews. Everyone's seen it at this point, right?

Literally there's a whole cluster of people in front of the net. And when you think it's an easy goal for Toews, no, Jack Campbell dives out of the air and saves it, which would be great, if the Leafs didn't lose afterwards. Doesn't it suck when they do that? It seems like the Leafs have a history of not only, one, blowing 4-1 leads, and of course that happened as well-- wow, I really wanted this to be a positive one.

Now, not only do they blow 4-1 leads, but they also seem that they kind of waste, like, incredible feats that happen. Auston Matthews's first game, he scored four goals, cool. Then they lose to Ottawa in overtime. Kasperi Kapanen in the playoffs a couple of years ago, remember that, in game seven? He literally embarrassed Brad Marchand, scored a shorthanded goal, and then they lost.

So hopefully we get to a point where a couple of players can have incredible, incredible moments, and they win the game. Even though it didn't turn out well, I think it was still a great moment for all of us to kind of get excited about. A lot of fans are tweeting about it, which is wicked. Even Nazem Kadri had a hilarious reaction to it. I mean, when a goalie makes the save that bad that you're literally standing up with your hands over your head, you know you did something right.

I think the interesting thing-- then here's a quote from Lindsay saying, is this a Save of the Year candidate? Uh, yeah, I think it has to be, right? Granted, we have seen a lot of saves over the entirety of the season. A lot of them have been even at the hands of Jack Campbell, but I think you see a save like this and you have to think it has to be at least, like, top 20, right? But then on the downside you think, hey, what does this mean for his contract?

And I know a lot of you might say, hey, like, why can't we just enjoy the ride? I unfortunately can't do that, because I'm a person who looks at CapFriendly a lot, and thinks about what Jack Campbell's next contract is going to be. But I think we're getting to the point that, regardless of what happens, I think Jack Campbell can kind of walk into the office and kind of ask for whatever he wants, question mark?

Petr Mrazek is around, but hey, Jack Campbell has been on another level this year. And as long as he has performances like that, I think the Leafs are in a good spot. I think one thing, Jack, just stop blaming yourself for losses. I mean, you faced 50 shots, man, including that Superman save. It's OK, you don't have to blame yourself for every loss. It's fine.

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