Could the Bears trade Justin Fields this offseason? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don unpack the Bears’ tumultuous season, explaining why there’s a chance the franchise trades its current starting QB.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: The Chicago Bears. So Dalton, what's going to happen at that number one overall pick? Do you think they'll just put it up for auction? Do you think there's a chance that could trade Justin Fields? Like, I think that's a perfectly-- that's something that they'll talk about in the offseason.

This is not the staff that brought in Justin Fields. Would you rather take a shot on Bryce Young, who's going to be on a rookie deal for the next four years? And I don't have a take on Bryce Young, whatever, but just saying. Would you rather take Bryce Young first overall in the draft? Trade Justin Fields for a potentially-- maybe not as big of a haul as the number one overall pick, but still a pretty decent haul and just like completely start over here? I think that's on the table here for the Chicago Bears.

DALDON DEL DON: Agreed. It's all on the table. For as good as Justin Fields was for fantasy managers, and it was a dream the way he's running, it was not ideal real-life passing growth year two. I mean, it's a tough, tough situation in Chicago, and he had horrible receivers, but absolutely a new management could fall in love with the rookie. As you said a cheaper contract and move on. That's absolutely option B here. Could be one of the alternatives.

Or they get a haul and they and they move back in the draft because they made the horrible move to bring in Chase Claypool. They could use some picks. So anything's on the table here. But good for them. They're happy that they have the number one pick with these options. But absolutely. Justin Fields, monster fantasy. Still question mark, though, real life QB.

MATT HARMON: I think it's all on the table for the Bears, and they'll be a really fun team to talk about over the next few months because, again, you're right. Justin Fields was great for fantasy. And the situation stinks. Obviously, receiver corps really wasn't good coming into the year, and then eroded as the year went on. The offensive line was terrible. But Fields' sack rate is absurd over the last two years, higher than any other quarterback. So there's a lot of questions to be answered with him, and I think it's interesting to see what the Bears decide to do there with that first overall pick.