Could KU football coach Lance Leipold get a ‘lifetime’ contract? What Kansas AD said

Kansas athletic director Travis Goff says he isn’t concerned that KU football coach Lance Leipold is rumored to be a potential candidate for other jobs. Actually, Goff said, it can signify a positive.

After all, the Jayhawks (7-2, 4-2 Big 12) are in the midst of their best season in over a decade.

“It’s a heck of a better than the alternative, right?” Goff said. “Where they’re talking about, ‘Here, we are again and its not working. This AD can’t make a hire and what the heck are we going to do next time?’”

He continued.

“I think it’s really good,” Goff said. “(Anyone) with half a brain ... knows what he’s doing and what he’s done here is incredible. And it’s not just because (he’s) getting breaks. It’s because he’s a program builder. And we’re living and experiencing (things) that most of us — whether that be people here locally or regionally or in the country who follow college football closely — (didn’t) fathom as possible.”

Goff was not asked specifically about an unconfirmed social media report from a Michigan-based radio host that claimed Leipold was interviewed by Michigan State for its coaching vacancy this week. But he did speak broadly to the idea of Leipold being involved in other coaching searches.

“I would be shocked if his name wasn’t bubbling up one way or the other in just about every opening,” Goff said. “That would indicate what are we doing in our industry if that’s not happening. So I’m excited for that and continuing to reiterate that we’ve got a great one. We’ve got a great one that’s excited about and committed to leading KU.”

Earlier this month, Kansas coach Bill Self signed an amended “lifetime” contract that significantly increased his pay. Last November, Leipold agreed to a contract extension with KU that runs through 2029.

Would Goff consider a so-called lifetime contract for Leipold? He somewhat sidestepped that specific question, though he said he hopes both Leipold and Self remain in Lawrence for the rest of their careers.

“I want these two guys to coach until the wheels fall off, quite literally in both cases, and we want them of course to coach right here at Kansas until they decide it’s time to shut it down,” Goff said. “I think the mentality is similar. There’s 20 years of track record for Bill. There’s two national championships. There’s things that haven’t been achieved in basketball anywhere (else) over his journey here.

“Football, the indications ... in Year 3 are just incredible. We demonstrated a strong commitment a year ago, but that doesn’t mean you sit idle. That doesn’t mean you get comfortable. Ultimately, we’ve got the chance to have — maybe we already do have – the two best in the country when you take into account men’s basketball and football coaches.”