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- Do you think the Giants, coming off the loss to Detroit-- do you feel like they're reeling a little bit? Seeing Barkley get shut down the way that he did, frankly-- and I talked about it Sunday-- it underscored-- Wan'Dale Robinson now is-- that's a pretty big loss for the receiving corps. It just feels like Barkley got shut down, and all of a sudden, we're like, oh, yeah.

That's right. When you don't have a running back who's playing out of his mind and exceptional, or you can take that away, then it changes a little bit how, functionally, that offense looks. I mean, Daniel Jones put up numbers and everything. But I think you and I watching that game, we're like, that doesn't look like-- it kind of looks like a team that's got a long way to go the next couple of years to continue to moving themselves forward.

- Right. Yeah, they lost Wan'Dale Robinson. Then you've got Adoree' Jackson, who hurt his knee, and he's going to be out for this week. I think this could go to one of two ways. Either Saquon goes off, Daniel Jones gets creative-- I mean, as Mike McCarthy said, this is going to be a high-scheme game. These coaches are just really good at scheming on both sides of the balls.

I think that you could see a game where, oh, this Cowboys run defense might not have been an issue last week because they ran up the score. But they are still an issue. And all it takes is Saquon name to break off one, which, I mean, we have running backs way less talented and Saquon who have done that against the Cowboys. And then this is a real game.

On the other hand, you have Daniel Jones revert to some of his turnover issues. You show what that pass rush is capable of. The offense takes advantage of a battered New York defense, and then it's not much of a game. Now, the Cowboys haven't won on Thanksgiving their last three tries. I reminded Mike McCarthy of that today, and he's like, look who's Debbie Downer on a holiday week.

But I do think that this is an interesting game because, hey, they're both 7 and 3 in the division right now. The Cowboys have the tiebreaker, having beaten the Giants. And look, the Cowboys beat the Giants without Dak, and now the Giants are more injured, and the Cowboys have a bunch of their players back. So I think the Cowboys are a better team, but I think it's a division game. It's important.

Not to mention, like, hey, maybe whoever wins gets Odell Beckham Jr. as a prize. I think that's a really big underlying story here. Odell Beckham Jr. wants to go to a contender. He's talked about New York and Dallas. And if New York really looks in a game like this, like, hey, we can't handle this, I think that helps Dallas' chance.

- OK. Well, I'll tell you what-- let's lean into that. Let's dub this the Odell Beckham Jr. Bowl. That's what this is. It's not the Thanksgiving Day game. It's the Odell Bowl, right? I mean, because, let's be honest-- if the Cowboys come out-- and we've seen if they can get a lead, they will house teams defensively. They're so scary when they get a big lead because when teams get into that mode where they can't, as you said, run the football, you're putting yourself in harm's way in a big way against a team that, by far, I think, is the best in the league at just creating total chaos and wiping out quarterbacks when they get on a roll.

Yeah, you stop Saquon Barkley-- if they can figure out a way to stop him and get up on the Giants, if you're Odell Beckham Jr., you're going to sit there and go, hmm, OK, so who am I visiting first after Thanksgiving? Because I can tell you this-- there's no way-- the Cowboys are sitting there saying, if we get them in the building first, we sign him.