Council considers new bylaw to govern parks, greenspaces

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The Sexsmith public works superintendent will be handed more authority to govern Heritage Campground operations if proposed bylaw amendments are approved.

The Park Bylaw was originally enacted in 2010, said CAO Rachel Wueschner.

Currently, many actions in the park need council approval.

Under the tabled amendments, the superintendent rather than council could license use of the park.

The superintendent would also set regulations for appropriate use of the park, a responsibility that currently falls to council.

The superintendent could authorize a person to use a boat on the water body for training or maintenance, something only council can currently authorize.

Coun. Ken Hildebrand’s motion for administration to further revise the bylaw to cover other parks and greenspaces besides Heritage Park was carried.

Three readings will be needed before passage.

Abandoned well tax: Sexsmith is also still looking to be reimbursed for approximately $94,000 in lost tax revenue on an abandoned well.

Administration has been informed this week the town won’t be able to recover the entire $94,000 from provincial programs.

Wueschner said the designated industrial requisition credit (DIRC) and provincial education requisition credit (PERC) programs cover the education requisition (approximately $18,000), but not most other property tax. This leaves approximately $76,000 unrecoverable under the programs.

The town has paid the education requisition to the province, but hasn’t collected tax from the abandoned Firenze Energy well since 2019.

Mayor Kate Potter said the town will consult its lawyers on recovering the lost revenue from the company, and next year the town the town can seek the $18,000 through PERC and DIRC.

Brad Quarin, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News