Council looks at options for former UFA site

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Town of Sexsmith

Regular Meeting of Council

November 1, 2021

In Attendance: Mayor Kate Potter,

councillors Dennis Stredulinsky, Ken Hildebrand,

Bruce Black, Daycie Bohning, Jonathan Siggelkow,

Clint Froehlick.

Former UFA site: Coun. Jonathan Siggelkow brought forth the idea there may be an opportunity to leverage the former UFA site, which has been empty for years.

Siggelkow suggested that if the site needed to be reclaimed, and there was no interest from developers, administration might explore the possibility of buying it at a lower price, to use it as an expansion to its adjacent park.

However, CAO Rachel Wueschner informed council it was her understanding the site is “fully reclaimed and can be built on.”

She also said that the town recently heard there has been some interest in a potential development there.

“I could speak probably for all of us that if there's the potential of a private business looking to build a shop there that we are not interested in that property,” said Potter.

Coun. Siggelkow agreed.

Council decided to hold the discussion for a strategic planning meeting.

Council committees: Coun. Ken Hildebrand made a motion to send the council committee list for evaluation by corporate services and to add school councils to the list.

Coun. Hildebrand said that he thinks that a councillor should join the school committees.

“I think it's important that the town does have a face on council there,” he told town council on Monday.

Coun. Black said that he had sat as a councillor on school councils before and questioned the investment of time.

Coun. Siggelkow said he recalled that a review of committees had recently been done and was not in support of adding the schools to the list.

“We don't have to pay somebody to go sit there and listen to what's going on between the teachers and the students,” he said.

“When we did review the committee's and the schools were taken off. It was also mentioned at that time, we were to review it after a year,” said Hildebrand.

In the end, council voted against sending the committee list to corporate services for the addition or for a review.

Councillors Stredulinsky, Black, Siggelkow, and mayor Potter voted against the motion, while Bohning, Froehlick and Hildebrand voted for the review.

National Child Day: November 20 will be National Child Day in Sexsmith.

The South Peace Area Rural Kids Early Development (SPARKED) sent a letter to council asking that they support National Child Day.

“It’s a day to remember that children need support, encouragement and respect to grow to their full potential and that we each have a roll to play,” said the letter from Chantel Napier, SPARKED chair.

Library Board: The Town of Sexsmith Library Board recommended that Merry Moore be appointed to the town’s library board for an additional three-year term.

Moore has previously served three terms on the library board.

“She (Moore) has always been a committed board member and steps forward whenever her time or energy is needed,” said Rhonda Maki, chair of the library board.

Maki explained that the reappointment would allow the current number of board members to remain at six.

“She will go down as a legend and is a fantastic person,” said Froehlick, who said he previously sat on the board.

“I honestly can't say enough great things about her anymore, so this is a no-brainer.”

Jesse Boily, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Town & Country News

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