Council meeting sees low attendance, discussion about facades

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STRATHROY- Strathroy Caradoc (S-C) Council Monday 19 July 2021 began with Mayor Joanne Vanderhyden reciting a land acknowledgment recognizing the Treaty 21 territories the municipality sits on. “Strathroy-Caradoc has a vision and a mission. The vision is that S-C communities will provide economic opportunities, well-being, and places to call home for residents and businesses. Our mission statement is to serve the communities of S-C by delivering modern municipal proactively planning for the future and facilitating partnerships that advance our goals. Coun. Brennan, Coun. Hippel and Coun. Cowen were absent from the meeting with notice.

Communications for the evening were all received for information and included discussion of the Burns Street development which saw support from Coun. Pelkman. Other items included talks of raising the driving age for G1 licenses to 18 from the City of Vaughn following a serious accident, Vanderhyden spoke to it.

“This is one of those ones that is different in rural and urban. No one wants anyone to have an accident but if you live in a rural area you don’t want to wait until you’re 18 to get your first job, there is no transportation to get you to your job.”

Department reports for the evening included a temporary noise exemption request presented by Deputy Mayor Brad Richards, a building update presented by Coun. Pelkman regarding a zoning housekeeping amendment, minutes from the Community Development Advisory Committee presented by Coun. Baker, and a hiring report presented by the mayor.

Minutes were also shared from two business improvement area (BIA) meetings as well as the Committee of Adjustment for 3 June 2021.

Bylaws for the night included the creation of an About Face Façade Improvement grant between Strathroy-Caradoc and Jaslo Properties Ltd. for 20-24 Front Street West and 63 Frank Street, an About-Face grant for the Sunshine Bakery at 22406 Adelaide Road in Mount Brydges, a zoning bylaw amendment, a loan agreement with the Rotary Club regarding a new park, and an agreement with the County of Middlesex for the Middlesex Supports Programme.

Damon MacLean, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner

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