Council Reviews OCWA Capital Projects Report

SOUTHWEST MIDDLESEX – During the February 14 council meeting, council focused on a range of municipal issues, including a detailed discussion on the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) Capital Projects. Mauro Castrilli, the Manager of Public Works, presented a report aimed at shedding light on the process behind determining and presenting capital projects related to water and wastewater management in the municipality.

Mayor Allan Mayhew opened the discussion, emphasizing that the OCWA report was intended for informational purposes, inviting council members to voice any concerns or questions regarding the material presented. Castrilli explained that the report highlighted the collaborative efforts between the municipal staff and OCWA in overseeing operations and capital projects, ensuring councillors were well-informed about the ongoing and future initiatives aimed at enhancing the municipality's water and wastewater infrastructure.

During the discussion, Councillor Martin Vink raised a specific concern about an erosion problem at the main lagoon of the wastewater treatment facility. Vink's inquiry highlighted a proactive approach to addressing the issue, indicating an awareness of the potential risks posed by the erosion to the facility's infrastructure and surrounding areas.

Castrilli responded by detailing the situation at the lagoon, where water movement and filtration processes have led to the erosion of banks and slopes, with some sections beginning to threaten the service road. He outlined a proactive strategy to stabilize these banks and prevent further erosion, mentioning that the project would be budgeted over three years to ensure effective slope stabilization and safeguard against future erosion.

The discussion concluded with Mayor Mayhew thanking the participants for their input and moving forward with the recommendation that the OCWA Capital Project report be received as information. The motion was unanimously carried by council, marking another step in Southwest Middlesex Township's commitment to maintaining and improving its water and wastewater facilities in collaboration with OCWA.

David Gomez, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Middlesex Banner