Council Tackles Internet at Confederation Park

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There were no new bylaws for Taberites at the July 19 town council meeting — in lieu of a number of action items passed through councillors’ hands. The Joint Economic Development Committee (JEDC) works on various initiatives supporting economic growth. The JEDC consists of voting representatives from the M.D. of Taber council, the Town of Taber council, Taber and District Chamber of Commerce, Vauxhall and District Chamber of Commerce and Vauxhall town council. The Town of Barnwell also has an open seat — but are currently in a non-voting status at their request, as they are often unable to fill the seat. Taber council received a revised version of their “Terms of Reference.” This reduces the requirements for voting members and allows for meetings to occur and decisions to be passed without requiring large numbers of membership to be present. These decisions were decided upon as the committee believes they will be able to proceed with decisions faster and make meetings more productive, as a result. The motion was carried unanimously. The next item regarded delivering Internet to the stage at Confederation Park. This Internet would be used for live-streaming Cornfest events on the stage, along with other events in the future. With the requested download and upload speeds, adding Internet to the stage was quoted at $17,404. Coun. Jack Brewin said it seems like a lot of money to lay wire out there. “We’ve got along without it for now. I’m not sure why we have to spend this year — when everything else is slowing down.” The motion was opposed. Representatives from the Recreation Board addressed how they wished council to keep more communication open with the Recreation Board. The Recreation Board wishes there to be more collaboration between Taber council and the Board. A motion was made earlier in the year by Taber council that overshadowed the Recreation Board, and as a result the Recreation Board believed they were becoming less and less important within the town’s eye. Brewin brought up adding the Recreation Board to the department reports, so it is shared with council and they know what’s happening, as well. Coun. Joe Strojwas noted during a previous meeting he specifically brought up councillors should provide written reports on what’s happening in their committees. “You guys voted it down because you all didn’t want to do a written report. The M.D. does that, we don’t.” “I’m sorry I didn’t support you on that, but I think it’s a great idea. We do this with the traffic committee and everything else. We should have reports every meeting when the committees make a decision,” added Brewin. Council accepted the Recreation Board’s presentation, as information. The second delegation was the Taber Minor Hockey Association with a request for a refund for the 2020-2021 advertising lease agreement. In the past year, advertising wasn’t nearly as effective as it once was and as a result, advertisers wanted lower fees. With the shutdown there wasn’t very good value for the advertisers’ dollars. A motion started for the association to receive $4,310 from the discretionary fund and $3,465 from the capital reserves. This motion was opposed. Coun. Strojwas began a second motion to incorporate the $7,775 plus GST to the 2022 Operating Budget. “This way, council still has some money in the discretionary fund, and we can work it into next year's budget,” Strojwas said. The second motion was carried unanimously.

Kenyon Stronski, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Taber Times

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