Council updates Listowel Official Plan regarding road classifications, additional residential housing units

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NORTH PERTH – Council voted in favour of changes to the Listowel Ward Official Plan on Aug. 9 to reclassify Wallace Avenue South as a collector road and change policies about secondary dwelling units on properties within Listowel.

On June 21, a statutory public meeting was held to discuss proposed amendments to the Listowel Ward Official Plan – the policy document that guides land use for Listowel.

The proposed Official Plan Amendment (OPA) 34 contains two separate updates.

The first update is to the transportation policies through the recognition of collector roads as an additional road classification in Listowel. This allows the municipality to reclassify a portion of Wallace Avenue South between Main Street and Line 84 as a collector road, downgraded from the arterial road classification.

During the public meeting, several members of the community made comments and asked questions. A council member also requested additional information regarding traffic counts that support the reclassification of Wallace Avenue South.

“It is important to note that the reclassification will not impact the traffic patterns or day-to-day function of Wallace Avenue South,” said Sean Yilmaz. “Instead reclassification of the roadway will ensure the road continues to function in its current state and enable the municipality to implement safety measures such as traffic calming.”

Classification as a collector road will allow slower posted speeds and traffic calming measures such as speed cushions, speed humps, raised crosswalks, lane narrowing, flexible signs and curb extensions.

The second update changes policies on additional or secondary dwelling units in all residential zones of the Listowel Ward that are currently permitted by the County of Perth Official Plan updating the language of the Listowel Ward Official Plan text to remain consistent with the language of the Provincial Policy Statement.

The amendment permits an additional residential unit in any single-detached, semi-detached and rowhouse dwelling.

Since the public meeting, the proposed text for OPA 34 has not changed. The proposed OPA will update policies concerning accessory residential units to reflect the updated policies of the Provincial Policy Statement 2020 conforming to the policies of the County of Perth Official Plan.

North Perth council unanimously voted in favour of OPA 34.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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