Council votes to join Crime Prevention network

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Merritt City Council has voted unanimously to join the Canadian Municipal Network on Crime Prevention.

The CMNCP is active across Canada as a network of communities who seek to share the best practices and build capacity to reduce and prevent crime, as well as fostering community safety and well-being.

In Dec. 2020, the Merritt Community Policing Office requested that the City make a request to join the CMNCP.

The fee, which amounts to approximately $650 for communities with populations under 500,000, will be paid for by the City.

This network includes major centres such as Vancouver and Montreal, but also includes smaller communities such as Williams Lake, in total representing an estimated 40% of the Canadian population.

Because the City of Merritt would be the official member of CMNCP, a resolution from council is required to join.

The decision came at the regular council meeting of Jan. 12, where council voted to write a letter of recommendation for Merritt to join the CMNCP and pay the membership fee, the funds for which would be drawn from the unused 2020 conferences budget.

“This membership will allow us to share ideas and best practices with many communities in Canada,” said Marlene Jones, Community Policing Officer Coordinator.

“In the past our crime prevention partnerships were primarily with BC organizations, but we believe that there are many great programs throughout the country. Our team and subsequently our community can benefit from these shared ideas, training, and contributing to the conversations.”

Morgan Hampton, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Merritt Herald