Council working to address wastewater allocation issues

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Shelburne Town Council once again addressed wastewater allocation for new developments in the community after receiving a report for information purposes during their me eting on Monday (May 31).

Council approved renewing the allocation of servicing capacity for three previously allocated subdivisions or condominium draft plans, which includes the Shelburne 89 Developments Inc. (Fieldgate), Centreville Inc. (Shelburne), and Scone Developments (Stone Ridge Phase 1). A total of 348 units were renewed.

A special meeting was held by council with the developers on April 28 to discussion capacity allocation.

“A key impetus for doing this review was, are there developers sitting on capacity that they’re not planning to use or may not use for several years, that could be revisited and borrowed to other developments,” said Steve Wever, town planner. “Those owner’s wouldn’t support that, they want to maintain their allocations.”

A report last year found the Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) in Shelburne did not have sufficient allocation for all new and proposed developments. According to the report there is 79 m3/day remaining unallocated capacity available which is estimated to provide up to 94 residential units or 2.83 hectares of Industrial/Commercial/Institutional (ICI).

Wever noted that the Town of Shelburne is approaching the last 18 m3/day of the plants 3420 m3/day capacity, with ICI developments proposed in stage 2 having 51m3/day.

With the remaining allocation, council approved establishing a serving reserve, which will see a serving reserve of 51 m3/day for ICI developments in the stage 2 area and a 10 m3/day for residential in stage 1 and stage 2.

“Rather than have it sit in a in an unspecified pot that is just available for the first next development to come forward, we’re suggesting being strategic about how it is reserved for additional development,” said Wever.

Despite having a number of projects that will not be able to be serviced under the current plan, the report to council recommended continuing to process applications for developments.

Wever said there will need to be holding provisions, development agreements, and conditions of approval that will deal with the timing of when developments can move forward to construction to “make sure they don’t go too far relative to the wastewater plant upgrade”.

A draft Servicing Allocation Policy for allocating wastewater services was also presented to council which gives the options of a serving agreement requiring updates annually or based on a set time-line, limiting the annual amount that council can allocate, and prioritizing developments.

“I won’t necessarily say that policy will simplify things, but it will clarify things,” said Wever.

The Servicing Allocation Policy will be approved at a later date by council.

Shelburne council’s next meeting is scheduled for June 14.

Paula Brown, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shelburne Free Press

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