Counterpoint: Experts debate if racism is still alive in America

Jess Butler,

It is no secret that the United States has had a dark past with racism. But the recent events in Charlottesville and movements like "Black Lives Matter," raise doubts as to whether or not racism has truly disappeared over time. 

Many individuals will argue that we have not come far in terms of racism while others argue that racism depends on how you define it. Some, like Peter Cvjetanovic -- who is best known for a viral photo of him marching in Charlottesville -- claim that they are not 'angry racists,' rather they just want to preserve their European heritage as it is equally important as anyone else's culture. 

See more of the Charlottesville rally:

In this week's episode of Counterpoint, a new AOL series, two experts debate the question: is America still racist?

While there are many sides to this argument it is one that Americans will continue to discuss at this pivotal time in U.S. history.  

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