County approves funding for hamlet community structure repairs

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County council has voted to approve funding grants to Gleichen and Carseland through a program designed to replace the Community Regional Infrastructure Services Program (CRISP).

On Feb. 16, 2021, county council approved the Hamlet Community Facilities Funding Grant Program policy, establishing the grant program aimed at providing support for community non-profit organizations.

This year marks the second year that the new funding program has been in place and is operating with an approved budget of $204,000.

“This program was set up to replace the CRISP and these community groups in these two hamlets were the ones who received this CRISP funding, so that policy just covers those two,” said Dave Rimes, community services coordinator for Wheatland County.

County administration had previously notified community associations in Gleichen and Carseland that the County was accepting applications for funding and received applications from both groups prior to the March 31 deadline.

Included in both applications was a summary of what the funding would ultimately be used for within the respective buildings used by the associations.

Based on the summaries, county administration recommended the approval of $27,160 for the Gleichen and District Community Association, which matches the ask detailed in the application.

Per administration’s report to council and the application from Gleichen, the grant funding would be used to cover the expenses incurred by Insurance, security systems, utilities, upgrade of toilets and bathrooms to meet accessibility requirements, cooling fans for the main hall and kitchen and an outside security light.

Administration also recommended the approval of $98,908 for the Carseland and District Community Association and Agricultural Society, again matching the requested grant.

Carseland detailed their projected use of the funding, which includes: structural upgrades for the buildings, shop mudjacking concrete slab to ensure structural stability, hall upgrades to eaves troughs, painting, replacing carpet and exterior doors, replacement of the recreation center’s exterior door, all facility fire safety maintenance and repairs, engineering and construction management costs for developing a sports complex area for the rodeo infield, construction costs for stripping, grading and material for a rodeo infield.

The total combined requested and approved grant funding totals $126,068, which was approved by council without opposition.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times

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