County approves Official Plan Amendment for mixed-use property in Listowel

PERTH COUNTY – At the Oct. 20 Perth County council meeting, the warden and councillors received a report titled ‘Official Plan Amendment 206,’ for a planned mixed-use development in Listowel.

The applicant is proposing a mixed-use development, meaning both residential and commercial, on the west side of Mitchell Road South, between Kincaid Street and Twamley Street West.

It abuts the Pioneer Gas Station at 605 Mitchell Road South. The parcel is 1.85 ha or 4.6 acres. The current site-specific Urban Fringe designation restricts the development of commercial uses. The applicant wants to amend the Perth County Official Plan to remove the Urban Fringe policy and replace it with one in support of mixed residential and commercial use.

The maximum commercial floor area for the site is 32,000 ft2 and the minimum is 13,900 ft2.

The site plan proposed by MHBC proposes 13,900 ft2 for commercial space and two six- storey apartment buildings with 182 rental units. There is also sufficient surface parking space available for both commercial and residential uses. Access from both Kincaid Street and Twamley Street are planned to assist in traffic concerns raised surrounding the development. Additionally, the minimum residential density is 30 units per hectare and maximum 98 units per hectare and there is an affordable housing target of 15 per cent. MHBC Planning, the consultant for the project, has advised that the affordable housing will be defined by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) definition, meaning “Housing is considered affordable if it costs less than 30 per cent of a household’s before tax income.”

“It is exciting for the town of Listowel and North Perth in general,” expressed Pierre Chauvin, Partner at MHBC Planning, in his delegation to council regarding the plan amendment on Oct. 20.

The features of the property contribute to commercial uses in Listowel, as it is located opposite to some of the largest operating retailers in Listowel, and would benefit from current traffic.

“The site is a logical extension of the critical mass of retail business established along the Mitchell Road corridor,” stated the report.

Perth County council received the report and approved the Official Plan amendment to allow a mixed-use development at the location during the Oct. 20 council meeting.

Melissa Dunphy, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner