County Council -- February 8th

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Cardston County council assembled for their regular meeting on February 8th. Highlights include a review of an upcoming land transfer agreement from the county to the town of Magrath, a zoom meeting with MLA Joseph Schow, voting in favour of an invitation to sign on with a Southern Alberta Emergency Management Resource Sharing Agreement, a discussion on the project to build wifi towers that will be owned by county, and a delegation from Delbert Beazer asking for financial support of a new clubhouse at the Lee Creek Valley Golf Course.

Beazer shared that the Lee Creek Valley Golf Course is one of the highest-rated golf courses in the province, but that they receive complaints that it doesn’t have somewhere to eat and enjoy camaraderie. The proposed building is 2,700 square feet and will likely cost $1,000,000 to build, excluding the in-kind donations and materials that will be available at cost. The plan is to have a pro shop in the basement with simulator rooms for a rainy day or the off season, and a restaurant upstairs. Beazer mentioned that he would also be meeting with Kainai First Nations council to solicit their support as well. After he had left the meeting, the council further discussed the project and decided to defer the matter to a future meeting after the administration gathered even more information to present.

Elizabeth Thompson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temple City Star