County of Huron releases growth planning best practices guide

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HURON COUNTY – The county released a best practices guide in December to help attract growth and development to the area and make it easier to understand.

The County of Huron Planning, Economic Development, and Public Works departments prepared the Growth Planning Best Practices Guide. Local municipalities and the county can use it to address infrastructure and financial matters related to growth proactively.

“The best practices within this guide are to help clarify important processes and procedures related to growth planning activities,” said Sandra Weber, director of planning and development.

“Following these best practices will provide opportunity for proactive community growth so that development can occur in a manner that is sustainable from an infrastructure, planning, and financial perspective.”

A common issue among municipalities is that the demographics often “shift.”

Scattered and slow developments and limited capacity and financial resources are among other issues that come up, according to a press release from Huron County.

The Growth Planning Best Practices Guide helps identify efficient ways to expand infrastructure and meet these challenges head-on.

Huron County will provide the guide will to local municipalities to use it when consulting on local development processes.

This guide was created with BM Ross and Associates’ assistance, in collaboration with local municipalities, representatives from partner agencies, engineering firms, Builders Associations, and local developers.

Cory Bilyea, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Wingham Advance Times