New County Land Use Bylaw in the works

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Cardston County has been working on a new Land Use Bylaw for over a year now in conjunction with Old Man River Regional Services Commission and planner Mike Burla. The current bylaw dates back to 1998 and is in need of updates to accommodate changes to the Municipal Governance Act and other unexpected modernizations that have occurred in the last 20-plus years. Top concerns that have come up include the need to address windmills, solar power, add more zoning options, definitions, uses, and reduce red tape. Red tape reduction will hopefully make it easier for the development officer to pass developments and get relevant information required to make proper rezoning and development decisions. County CAO Murray Millward says “we may need environmental study plans or slope studies and we don’t want developers to get frustrated when we add requirements on at the end. Instead everything is up front”.

Council began by taking their initial draft to six different open houses across their jurisdiction where they heard citizens’ concerns. They have since implemented much of the feedback into the bylaw, such as increasing height restrictions that could have preceded solar development in some locations. Council needs to review the latest revision of the bylaw one more time and then will hold public hearings in early 2021 after which the bylaw requires three readings before it comes into effect.

Elizabeth Thompson-Christensen, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Temple City Star