County of Stettler grants approval for RVs as seasonal dwellings

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Stettler County’s Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) approved a property owner’s request to use RVs for seasonal dwellings.

The approval was granted at the regular MPC meeting Dec. 9.

The MPC Board is composed of members of county council and is chaired by Coun. James Nibourg.

Coun. Dave Grover attended through teleconference.

Councillors read a detailed memo presented by Development Officer Jacinta Donovan stating that Jennifer and Eddy Zaychkowsky were applying to the MPC for a discretionary use development permit to use recreational vehicles for seasonal accommodation at a parcel of land located at Lot 1 Block 1 Plan 0724824 which is part of SE 28-40-19W4M and is currently zoned agriculture.

“The applicant is proposing to install two recreational vehicles (2007 Dutchmen bumper-pull trailer) and (2002 motorhome) for use as seasonal dwelling units on Lot 1 Block 1 Plan 0724824,” stated Donovan’s report to council.

It was noted Stettler County’s Land Use Bylaw (LUB) states RVs may be used in such a fashion on a parcel of land of less than 80 acres if approved as a discretionary use.

“The use of a recreational vehicle as a dwelling unit for a period exceeding 21 consecutive days is allowed only if ‘recreational vehicle’ is listed as a use in the land use district and a development permit has been issued by the development authority pursuant to the regulations of that district.

The LUB does not specify the number of recreational vehicles that may be accommodated on a 9.96 acre parcel of land for private recreational purposes. However, the bylaw provides for ‘a maximum of 20 RV units/stalls or an area of maximum five acres, whichever is less, for a public use recreational vehicle park and/or campground’ within the agricultural land use district.”

Donovan also noted the RVs will be within an existing yard. “Section 69.2 of the bylaw states the additional dwelling unit(s) must be located within and forms part of an existing yard site, shares the same access and where practical, the same water supply system and/or sewage disposal system and /or other utilities as those used for the principal dwelling.

“The construction of a 575 square foot multi-purpose building (ie. kitchen and bathroom facilities) with 16’ x 16’ attached deck and 288 square foot ancillary building (garage) and two detached ancillary buildings (sauna and biffy) are also proposed to be located on the subject property.

“The aforementioned improvements are permitted uses pursuant to Section 92.2 of the land use bylaw.”

The Zaychkowsky family were apparently present at the meeting through teleconference, but when offered the opportunity to speak they either declined or suffered a technical issue as no comments were made that were legible.

Donovan presented councillors with a photo of the 2002 motorhome in question, and she noted a photo was required as the motorhome was over 15 years in age.

Board member Justin Stevens asked if another property was located nearby, and Donovan stated as far as she knew that property was vacant.

Development Officer Rich Fitzgerald added that there was a nearby historical resource, an old school house, that was there but is not a residence.

Donovan also added that, if the application was approved, a current existing approach will be moved to the bottom of the hill where sight lines are better.

Board members unanimously approved the Zaychkowsky’s request.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review

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