County of Wellington Police Board forecasts $17.4 million budget

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County of Wellington’s Police Services Board has delivered a 2022 budget of $17.4 million.

The total 2022 OPP contract cost budget will be set to cover the $17,407,368, which is made up of costs for the base service, calls for service, plus overtime, contract enhancements and prisoner transportation costs. It does not include 2020 year-end savings.

The report submitted by Ken DeHart, County of Wellington’s treasurer, at a recent Police Board Services meeting looked.

“The billing next year is estimated to be $428.34 for each of the 38,583 households and 2,056 commercial and industrial properties in the County,” said DeHart.

Calls for service are expected to have a total cost of $5.8 million.

Base service, which are things like patrols, crime prevention, RIDE programs, training and administration, the total cost is estimated to be $6.9 million.

The billing costs for base service and calls for service is based on the municipalities’ policing activities, which means that the more households use these services, the more of the budget goes to these two services.

“For 2022 billing purposes, the allocation of the municipal workload in detachments has been calculated to be 51.3 per cent base services and 48.7 per cent calls for service,” said DeHart.

Overtime is estimated to have a total cost of $408,829; contract enhancements are estimated to be at $4.1 million; and prisoner transportation is set to be $69,493.

The Police Services Board is set to have a year-end savings of $741,715 in 2021, which makes the grand total billing for 2022 up to $16.66 million.

Next year, the county will be billed $1.38 million for police services each month.

The final 2022 county budget will be presented at council Jan. 27.

“Tax increase is yet to be determined in the upcoming months as the county progresses into its budget meeting,” said DeHart.

Angelica Babiera, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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