Couple Make Out Behind Oblivious Reporter After Stanley Cup Finals

One couple went from watching hockey to playing tonsil hockey after the Stanley Cup finals, and luckily it was all caught on camera during a live broadcast by WSMV’’s Chris Harris.

Frederick Gaudreau of the Nashville Predators celebrates after scoring a goal in Game Three of the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final in Nashville on June 3. (Photo: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Nashville Predators took the Game 4 win over the Penguins, and the canoodling Predators fans kissed for over two minutes live on air. Harris was oblivious to it all, until finally he turned around and noticed something was up.

“People are fired up. You see what’s happening here? We may have like, conception going on. I mean are you kidding me?” Harris said. “This is how it is in Smashville, baby.”

And when Harris tossed it back to the anchors in the studio, it was clear that they were enjoying themselves too… although not quite as much as that couple was.

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