Couple’s viral photo has internet freaked out over what’s going on in the background

Notice anything weird about this picture? Photo from Twitter

Selfies on social media are a dime a dozen, but one photo a couple uploaded earlier this week to Twitter had the Internet in such of a frenzy that it collectively doused itself in holy water.

Twitter user Andy uploaded a tweet saying, “I love my girlfriend even if she’s a gemini” along with a photo of himself with his girlfriend, but it was what was in the background that really spooked people.

With a quick glance at the photo, the face in the mirror really had people puzzled and freaked out.

As puzzled as the Internet was, one person was able to decipher the photo. A Twitter user named Gurns figured out that it was a play on the astronomical sign Gemini, which says that those with the sign have two personalities. Geminis are also represented by the twins zodiac symbol.

And with that, some on Twitter finally came around to admit the genius behind the photo.