Is Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy the better Broncos WR for fantasy? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

In the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast, Matt Harmon and Dalton Del Don discuss the Denver Broncos first game against the Seahawks, and debate which wide receiver, Courtland Sutton or Jerry Jeudy, is the best play for fantasy managers going forward.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: The Denver wide receiver on 45 Russ dropbacks, Courtland Sutton 44 routes, 43.5% of the air yards, 7.1 target share. Jerry Jeudy, 41 routes on 45 dropbacks, 26.3% of the air yards, 17.1% of the target share. Dalton, I think you had Jeudy over Sutton, right? Am I correct in that heading into the year?

DALTON DEL DON: Yeah, all the signs on, off the field shared together. I put them-- I was a coward and ranked them back to back. I think I did last week too. But, yes, I did have Jeudy higher. And all the talk was Wilson showed rapport with Sutton. The stats showed Jeudy should be the guy. So I think it's kind of a wash, right?

MATT HARMON: I 100% agree with you. I think that for parts of draft season, it was just clearly Sutton over Jeudy. I finally bumped Jeudy up after the Tim Patrick injury. And almost always when something is universally accepted, which it was universally accepted that Sutton is the one and Jeudy-- Sutton is Russ's guy. And I almost always want to question it when something is universally accepted like that.

Because also, I mean, I'm talking 43.5% of the air yards here for Courtland Sutton. Some of those were straight up prayer yards, not air yards. Sutton on those go routes, I mean, he was not getting any separation at all, which is kind of the Courtland Sutton deal. But Russ's ball placement on those passes, too, was total garbage. I mean, he was way off on several of those passes.

I think the gap here from like a rest-of-season perspective should be much closer than it was in certain drafts. I know in other platforms, these guys went back to back. But in most, quote, real people drafts--

DALTON DEL DON: Oh, no, you're right. No, 100%. Every draft I was in, Sutton went higher for sure. I agree. Every one I was in. But I think they should be close every single week moving forward.

Couple of quick other takeaways is I think our guy Albert O is the guy. I know it may not have appeared it. But you look deeper into the stats, and he does seem to be the guy. He should have had a long touchdown there if he'd been on the field instead. But all the targets to the running backs, I mean, wow. Javonte Williams--

MATT HARMON: That was weird.

DALTON DEL DON: That was weird. And if that's the thing to come, boy, definitely good news for his PPR value. But, yeah, I think Sutton and Jeudy should be valued similarly moving forward.

MATT HARMON: We'll see. Regardless, if you liked both of these receivers, you couldn't love the fact that Russ comes out there throwing to frickin' running backs and tight ends. That's not what most people bargained for.

DALTON DEL DON: Oh, I think he's the lowest target percentage in the entire NFL to wide receivers right now are the Broncos after week one, which is hilarious given the ADP of the receivers. Yeah, the wide receiver target percentages ranks absolutely last.

MATT HARMON: The big fantasy takeaway is I think the gap between these two receivers has to close. And, honestly, I think it's like-- Jeudy probably should come up a little bit, but I think Courtland Sutton also needs to come down from like a-- I mean, he was going as a top-15 receiver in some spots. I don't know if that's going to work out.