Courtright landmark on last legs

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Barring some sort of miracle the dilapidated Third Street hall in Courtright is likely headed for demolition in the new year.

The hall has a laundry list of required fixes to even make it safe to use, including rust, mold, cracking and water damage. An engineering report says it’s not even known whether all the repairs are possible, particularly given the integrity of the metal exterior which needs to be sandblasted.

The estimated cost of repairs was quoted at $272,000 in March, but it’s already believed the current number is probably higher and would continue to rise. Alternatively, a demolition quote from a Hamilton company came in at $37,100.

“We have not taken any of this lightly as this is a beloved building in the community,” reads a report from Kendall Lindsay, director of community services.

“We have shown this project to several contractors and now an engineering company that all believe it is a better option to demolish the existing facility and build new,” says Lindsay.

Council didn’t discuss any concrete plans for a new hall but did hear it would cost in the $3.125-3.75 million range. This is up about $1 million from the previous quote which was between $2.187-2.5 million. Staff attributed this increase to the “lumber boom”.

But the final nail wasn’t put in the hall’s coffin just yet. Deputy Mayor Steve Miller says he’d like to have a meeting with groups who used the hall, such as the Optimist Club, and see if there’s any final ideas or suggestions on repairs or alternatives to demolition.

Lindsay says he’ll set up the meeting soon. If feelings remain the same after, council will approve with dismantling of the 60 year-old hall.

Alex Kurial, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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