Your COVID-19 rapid test is positive. Now what?

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Your COVID-19 rapid test is positive. Now what?

You've swabbed both nostrils, crossed your fingers and waited the 15 minutes for the results from the COVID-19 rapid test.

And there it is, the dreaded result: positive.

According to Health P.E.I., the next step is to immediately self-isolate and go to a clinic to confirm the results at your first opportunity.

Then, break the news to everyone living in your house. They will need to self-isolate and go get tested at a COVID-19 clinic.

Then, get on the phone. Notify all close contacts — anyone with whom you've had face-to-face interaction and contact with for at least 10-15 minutes over a 24-hour span during your infectious period. They will have to get tested as well.

You are considered infectious beginning 48 hours before symptoms started and ending 10 full days after the start of symptoms, providing you are feeling better.

If there no symptoms, the infectious period is 48 hours before the positive test was taken to 10 full days from the test date.

Public Health will continue to be responsible for notifying close contacts in the following settings:

  • Long-term care facilities.

  • Hospitals.

  • Corrections facilities.

  • Shelters.

  • First Nations communities.

  • Other congregate (group living) settings.

  • Public schools and childcare facilities.

If your symptoms get worse, Health P.E.I. advises you seek medical assistance by calling 811 or 911.

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