COVID-19 in Sask: 76 new cases, 41 recoveries, 22 in hospital Friday

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Saskatchewan is reporting 76 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday. The spots with the highest number of new cases are the Saskatoon area with 34 and the north central zone with 19.

The province says some new cases in Saskatoon and Prince Albert are linked to known cases and clusters, but others appear to be from unknown community transmissions.

Saskatchewan now has 742 known active cases.

Two of the remaining new cases are located in the far north west, two are in the north west, four are in the north east, four are in the central east, seven are in the Regina area, two are in the south central and two are in the south east.

There have been 3,066 cases reported in the province since the beginning of the pandemic. There were 41 new recoveries on Friday. To date, 2,299 of the known cases have recovered.

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CBC News

There are currently 22 people in hospital. Sixteen of then are receiving inpatient care: one in the far north west, four in the north central, one in the north east, six in Saskatoon and four in Regina.

Six people are in intensive care, with one in the north central zone, four in Saskatoon and one in Regina.


The public health order restricting Saskatoon nightclubs is now in effect.

Alcohol consumption is prohibited at nightclubs in Saskatoon between 10 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. CST and they are required to close between 11 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. CST.

Nightclubs in other parts of the province will be allowed to continue operating without the curfews.

The Ministry of Health clarified that a nightclub is defined as "an establishment at which the main activities are selling liquor and providing music to which patrons can dance," although dance floors were already prohibited.

All nightclubs in Saskatchewan must follow these guidelines:

  • Six patrons to a table or booth.

  • Static seated groupings – no mingling among groups/tables.

  • Karaoke and dance floors remain prohibited.

  • Business owners and operators must ensure physical distancing within their establishments.

  • As outlined in the Re-open Saskatchewan Guidelines, mask use is required for staff. It is strongly encouraged for patrons until they are seated.