COVID-19 in Sask.: Active cases surge over 1,100 on Sunday with 1 death

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The province reported 159 new cases of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan with one additional death. This brings the total number of active cases to 1,122 and the number of deaths to 28.

The individual who died tested positive for COVID-19, was in their 80s and from the Saskatoon zone.

The 159 new cases is the highest reported number of COVID-19 for one day in Saskatchewan. The cases are scattered across the province and affect all 13 zones set out by the provincial government.

Government of Saskatchewan
Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatoon is the hot spot with 48 new cases, which brings the total number of active cases to 362 and the number of total cases to 1,053 for that zone.

Regina has 23 new cases, the north central has 18, the north east has 16, the north west has 14 and the central east region of the province has 11.

The far north west zone has seven, both the south west and south east zones have five, both the far north central and the south central have three, the far north east zone has two and the central west region has one.

There are three cases which are pending residence information.

32 people are now in hospital being treated for COVID-19, and 25 are receiving in-patient care. One is in the far north west, two in the north west, seven in the north central, nine in Saskatoon, five in Regina and one in the south west.

Seven people are in intensive care: one in the north central part of the province, four in Saskatoon and two in Regina.

The province reported 2,871 COVID-19 tests were performed yesterday.

Epidemiologist says a clear plan is needed

Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine, an epidemiologist with the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, said there are consequences if we let the virus "get away from us."

"We would not be able to tame it, we will be overwhelmed," Muhajarine said. "Our healthcare systems will be overwhelmed and a lock down will be the only option."

He added that there are more options currently than locking down or not, but we need to act quickly to tame the virus.

"There will need to be some plan put in action that is communicated to all people in Saskatchewan, just like there was a reopening plan with multiple stages," Muhajarine said.

"Now is the time for all of Saskatchewan to know what the plan is going forward."