COVID-19 Updates from your local municipality

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We contacted the rural and urban municipalities in our area, asking them what they want their ratepayers to know about what’s happening with COVID-19 from their level of government and here are the responses we’ve received *so far.

RM of Longlaketon #219 - “Currently the RM of Longlaketon is following the provincial regulations of masking in public spaces, which includes our office. At this time council has not discussed if they are implementing any proof of vaccine or negative covid test for employees.” Courtney Huber, CAO

Town of Govan/RM Last Mountain Valley #250 – “We are following the provincial masking mandate. We have masks and hand sanitizer available in our lobby for those who don’t happen to have one. We do not require proof of vaccination or proof of negative covid tests. At this time we are waiting for further direction from SUMA, SARM, and the Ministry of Government Relations.” - Kelly Walker, CAO.

Town of Strasbourg – “The Town is following the current Gov of Sask’s rules. Our community hall requires proof of vaccination (or negative Covid test) to utilize the rentable space, and proof of vaccine (or negative Covid test) is required to attend public Council meetings (that goes for all staff, councillors, delegates, and gallery). At the next meeting, I’m going to have a policy for Council to review and approve setting out exactly what we require for all our public spaces.” Jennifer Josephson, CAO

Resort Village of Sask Beach – “Masks and proof of vaccine or current negative test results are required for entry to council meetings. Office entry requires masks, we have masks available for those that need them and hand sanitizer readily available.” Beverley Laird, CAO

Village of Craven – “Our next council meeting is Oct 12 so at this time mandatory masking only per government orders. I will be taking it to council on the 12 so would be very interested in what other communities are doing!” Karen Herman, CAO

*subject to change

Jennifer Argue, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Last Mountain Times

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