COVID’s impact on oral health programs

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Rachel Moon Kelly, manager of the unit’s healthy schools department, said the pandemic has had an enormous impact on oral health programming for school children.

As many as 5,000 kids are screened every year in schools. Except for the two years of the pandemic. Moon Kelly said she and her staff anticipate higher needs because of the two-year gap in screening and the fact dentists were also closed during that time.

“Recovery is not as simple as flipping a switch and going back to programming,” she said. “It’s been two years since all of us have done this work.”

Policies and procedures have to be reviewed and changed where necessary. For instance, there are new infection control measures required because of the coronavirus.

Programming and delivery needs to be assessed.

“There’s no shortage of things for the oral health (department) to do,” she said.

James Matthews, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Haliburton County Echo