Lockdown restrictions mapped: Which tier am I in?

Chris Baynes
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(Datawrapper/The Independent)

A three-tier system of coronavirus restrictions has been in force across England since the end of the second national lockdown.

Most of the country is under tougher rules than before the lockdown after government scientists warned previous measures were not effective enough to stem rising Covid-19 infections.

Only a handful of areas have been placed in tier 1, where the restrictions are the most limited. In this tier, socialising is restricted to groups of six indoors and outdoors, people are urged to work from home if possible, and pubs are limited to table service.

Large swathes of the country is under tier 2 restrictions with a ban on households mixing indoors. Pubs and restaurants only able to sell alcohol with a “substantial meal”.

After health secretary Matt Hancock’s latest update on Thursday, 38 million people will move into tier 3 as of Saturday.

In tier 3, households are banned from mixing except in limited outdoor settings such as parks. Bars and restaurants are to be limited to takeaway or delivery services and people would be advised to avoid travelling outside their area.

Several major cities including Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle are under tier 3 rules. London was initially placed under tier 2 but has now moved into tier 3, in response to surging infections.

Check the map below to find out which tier each area of England is in.

Different restrictions are in place for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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