COVIDIOTS Clean Roads, Bridges, Dividers in Mumbai For Refusing to Pay Fine For Not Wearing Masks, Here's How Those Breaking Social Distancing Norms Have Been Punished Across India

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Mumbai, October 30: The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone and the country's COVID-19 tally has now neared 81 lakh mark as of Friday. However, in spite of several awareness drives, people continue to flout the safety precautions required to be followed amid the pandemic. According to a Mumbai Mirror report, BMC has now decided to punish the Covidiots who refuse to pay the Rs 200 fine for not wearing a mask in public places to make them perform community service by cleaning up roads.

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COVIDIOTS is a term coined for those flouting restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Ahead of Navaratri and Durga Puja, PM Narendra Modi addressed the people of the nation and reminded them to follow 'do gaj duri', wear masks and other precautions and to not take it lightly. Pune Police Punish Morning Walkers by Making Them Perform Yoga on Streets For Violating Coronavirus Lockdown, Watch Video.

Cleaning Roads

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The report mentioned that 35 people were made to clear roads, bridges, dividers and traffic islands of litter and wild overgrowth in the Juhu-Andheri belt. These people have got into arguments when asked to pay a fine for not wearing a mask.

With people continuing to step out for “non-essential” activities amidst the COVID-19 lockdown, police across the country have come up with unique ways to highlight the importance of staying at home.

Squat on Roads, Do Sit-Ups

Police across the country had a difficult time during the lockdown in restricting people to their homes and not stepping out for unnecessary. Offenders were made to squat on the road and do sit-ups, to making them pose with pamphlets admitting their fault, police have gone to every extent to make people stay at home.

There were several videos doing the rounds on social media where officials were seen making people do sit-ups near a traffic signal, evoking both laughter and appreciation for the officials.


While the lockdown was enforced, police across the country had a tough time to make people stay at homes and follow the orders of the lockdown. Pune police made people, who violated lockdown for a morning walk, perform yoga in Bibvewadi area of the city early morning.

The restrictions have been eased in the country, but the people have been repeatedly reminded not to keep their guard down. There were several images going viral on social media on many occasions to show that people are violating social distancing norms and are also not wearing masks.