Cow best friends run and play with complete joy at their new sanctuary

Nigel and Benny are thrilled at their new sense of freedom. Their joy is heart warming as they play and chase each other all around the farm. They stop here to play with a hay bale, which is one of their favourite things to do. When a new hay bale is placed in their paddock, they run in circles around it, like a pair of gigantic farm puppies. They are more like dogs than most people would expect. Nigel and Benny came from a nearby farm where they they were destined to become food very shortly. Covid put a halt on meat production long enough for the farmer to realize that they would be eating and costing him money, but they were no longer valuable. This is the farming industry and the cows were a source of income. They were never intended to be pets. But Jennifer and Jim run a beautiful farm in Texas called Black Dog Farm and Rescue. They knew Benny and Nigel would thrive at their sanctuary and that these gentle beasts should never be treated as livestock to be slaughtered, especially because they had suddenly simply devalued. Jennifer and Jim bought the cows from the farmer and brought them to their forever home. It was a strange, new world for these two cow friends, but they responded quickly to love and kindness and to gentle human interaction. Given free time to play, the bond between the two grew rapidly and they are now inseparable. They run and play, checking out new things with a touching and surprising curiosity. They are playful and happy as they learn to trust the humans who run this magical place. They come when called by name. They adore treats, and they thrive in the freedom of choosing whether to run in the sunshine or nap in the straw. These cows are truly free. As they played with the hay on this sunny morning, Jennifer recorded them from afar, delighted that they had found such happiness. They will live here in safety as long as they need to. Many of the dogs and cats who are rescued by this organization will move on to carefully selected forever homes. Many others, such as Nigel and Benny, need to remain here. The dogs and cows even accept and play with each other. The farm also provides a home for goats, hens, and even a rescued guinea pig. This magical rescue runs through the hard work and sacrifice of Jennifer, Jim, and their family, but it also relies on generous support from other animal lovers. Please follow this channel to keep up to date on the wonderful things that happen here, and find them on Facebook to follow their posts. The updates are inspiring and fascinating, and at times tragic, and even funny. You'll fall in love with the amazing animals that have found their paradise. Donations are always gratefully accepted to help them work their magic. Black Dog Farm and Rescue.

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