Cowboys take speedy EDGE Sam Williams in 2nd Round | PFF Draft Show

The PFF team discusses the Dallas Cowboys selection of Ole Miss EDGE Sam Williams in the 2nd Round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

Video Transcript

- Pick's in. I don't see who it is yet. Did you guys see who it is yet?

- I did.

- I heard a sound in my ear.

- Sam Williams, a treasure from Ole Miss, going to the Dallas Cowboys. How do you feel about it, Mike?

- He's an interesting player. He ran sub 4.5 at the Combine. Has an insane get-off for a guy 6'4" 261. Like he can fly, but is kind of just a one-speed rusher where it is he hits you once, and if it doesn't work, it's over. Like he is trying to hit you with a speed move. And when I'm not so certain he is this every down defender.

I don't necessarily think they need that in that defense, though, with what they do in their third down packages. But with him and Micah Parsons, you have the fastest edge rushing duo in the country, now, or in the NFL country, whatever. And any team today you can have.

- Some people still say country.

- In the country. So that's what he gives you. I thought he took a massive step forward this past season, just in terms of the moves he had at his disposal. But he is on the older side, 23-year-old rookie, another guy, a lot in this class, who had these kind of late-year career breakouts that have these warts to them. That's this entire second round it seems like.

- Feels extremely on-brand for the Cowboys on day two.

- Cowboys, it feels like they cycle back and forth between filling needs and taking the best player, right? A couple of years ago you grab CeeDee Lamb when you didn't technically need a receiver. Last year they pick Micah Parsons when they had just signed 17 linebackers, whatever. Now you can tell they want to replace Randy Gregory. So even bringing Dante Fowler in, that's not necessarily doing it.

They want to have that flexibility for Micah Parsons. They don't want him just to play edge. They want him to be Uber edge/linebacker. So you have Demarcus Lawrence. You bring in Sam Williams to be that pass rusher, maybe to just directly replace Randy Gregory, and keep that flexibility on the defense.

- Yeah, keep the flexibility, because I don't think you go into a season where you have-- when Micah Parsons comes down to the edge from the off ball linebacker position, they still want to keep Demarcus Lawrence on the field. And he kicks into three tech, which means you still need another edge on the other side. So this is that selection.