Coyote sneaks into Detroit Zoo putting flamingos, red pandas on lockdown

A wily coyote's visit to the Detroit Zoo caused a minor lockdown Monday morning.

While most animals might want to escape the zoo, the sneaky canine managed to break in before he was spotted by staff.

"I think they may have discovered where to find a good meal," said Detroit Zoological Society spokesperson Patricia Janeway who added at-risk species including red pandas, flamingos and storks were sheltered safely.

School trips start late

The zoo's 9 a.m. opening was delayed by about an hour and a half as workers tried to track down the coyote, meaning some school trips started later than scheduled.

Janeway said guests were allowed into the zoo around 10:20 a.m. as coyotes tend to be afraid of humans and don't really pose a threat. Staff continued to hunt for the hairy animal's hideaway.

The coyote isn't the first animal to test the zoo's fences in search of an exotic meal, or even to see what's on the other side.

"We've had fox, possum and even a deer last summer," said Janeway, who described the aforementioned deer's feat of leaping over a wall as "amazing."