Conservative party says it had evidence to disqualify Brown, releases new allegations

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OTTAWA — A Conservative committee reviewing Patrick Brown's disqualification from the Tory leadership race has concludes the party had the evidence it needed to recommend he be removed from contention.

Its decision contains new allegations Brown used money orders to purchase memberships and allowed non-compliant membership sales through a portal.

Brown's legal counsel had filed a notice of appeal after the party's leadership election organizing committee voted to remove him based on a recommendation from its chief returning officer.

A dispute resolution appeals committee had to decide whether the officer possessed the needed evidence to recommend Brown be removed.

It says evidence included allegations Brown allowed more than 500 non-compliant membership sales and used money orders to purchase 265 memberships.

The committee also says Brown offered an "excuse" when presented with an allegation that a long-time party organizer had been paid for work on his campaign by a third-party corporation.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 22, 2022.

Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press

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