Crafter makes doll in likeness of young cancer survivor

The unnamed child happily holding up her custom-made doll by Sebastian Designs

A little girl who lost an eye to cancer is finding bravery in a plush doll that was made in her likeness.

Dollmaker Auntie Jessa, who runs Sebastian Design Dolls, took to her Facebook page to share the story of the unnamed child, who she calls a “true superhero”. The girl’s mother had reached out to her for a custom-made bunny doll with one eye, so that her daughter could connect with something that shared her likeness.

“The girl had started to notice that she was different and her sweet mama read articles about how finding a doll who matches how a child looks can be helpful and therapeutic,” she wrote in a post. “She wanted her daughter to have a doll that looks like her and only has her right eye.”

Jessa admits that she’s never been asked to make something so tender and meaningful. Luckily, the gift was well received, as the little girl’s mother shared photos of the pair. In one shot, the child wears a Wonder Woman costume as she holds up the bunny adorned in a gold tutu and sparkly bow.

“So here is the adorable little girl on her third birthday, hugging her one-eyed bunny who is just as perfect and beautiful as she is,” Jessa writes. “My favorite part of this photo is how she is wearing her Wonder Woman nightgown. It perfectly represents the strength and courage of this little superhero.”