Crafty Prankster Sneaks Unfiltered Truth About Trump Onto Right-Wing Newscast

A prankster managed to give some of Donald Trump’s most loyal defenders a healthy dose of the truth about the 2020 election and all that followed ― and he did it in the middle of a live segment on a right-wing network.

Jason Selvig of progressive comedy duo The Good Liars was interviewed on RSBN, an online streamer known for its fawning coverage of the former president, at a New York rally in support of Trump ahead of a possible indictment this week.

“This is a political prosecution, it has to be,” Selvig said during the interview. “That’s the only way it could be happening right now.”

But then Selvig conceded that there is another way.

“The only other option is that Donald Trump lost by 7 million votes and is a loser who can’t deal with the fact that he lost the election because he based his whole personality on being a winner and calling people losers,” he said.

See more of the exchange below:

In another part of the interview, he also noted that the turnout at the rally for the former president wasn’t exactly impressive:

The Good Liars have pulled off some memorable stunts, including a moment last year when Selvig joined Herschel Walker, then a GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia, on stage at a campaign event, and trolling National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre during the organization’s convention last spring.