Creative Corner offers career fair for film industry hopefuls in northern B.C.

Film Industry hopefuls in northern B.C. have new opportunities on the horizon as Northern FanCon brings in a new feature called Creative Corner.

The Creative Corner will be set up as a career fair for those interested in getting involved in the province's creative sector, including workshops and Q&A sessions with industry experts.

The announcement of the $20,000 investment was made Friday from FanCon co-creator Norm Coyne and Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training Shirley Bond, as part of the province's skills training and career development initiative.

"Today I had a great conversation about FanCon and we talked a lot about how people come to be entertained and learn… but there was an element that was missing. That's the opportunity for young people to think about a career in the creative industries," Bond said.

In its third year, the convention will now include guest speakers to share their wisdom and answer questions on life in the industry. 

Fostering opportunity

The challenge faced by people involved in the industry living in Northern B.C. is lack of opportunity according to Coyne, who wants the Creative Corner to provide a clear access point for those looking to get serious about work in film.

"If we don't have a regular opportunity to practice our craft or apply our trade professionally, we don't have access to professional development opportunities right here at home, then the supply line breaks down," Coyne said.

An exciting new production beginning in April is an adaptation of a Sherlock Holmes story written by Stephen King called "The Doctor's Case." It will be filmed in Prince George and Barkerville, and will star 2016 FanCon celebrity guest Denise Crosby who has appeared in Star Trek Next Generation, The Walking Dead, and played a major role in the 1989 film Pet Cemetery, which was based on an earlier King novel.

Northern FanCon runs from May 5-7 in Prince George this year.