Creativity through art and dance

Anyplace with a Squish Table has got to be tons of fun. WONDERdance is a unique kids’ program by the Balance School of Performing Arts and Little Art House that combines art and dance to give children a chance to explore and learn creatively. Designed as an early learning experience for the younger set, for two hours, twice a week, they get to experiment with a variety of mediums and moves. “We believe that creativity takes courage and want to provide our students with the skills to go out into the world with self confidence, creativity, drive and passion for whatever they may pursue,” said Balance owner Ashlie Atkinson. “We offer our young artists the opportunity to create art as unique and individual as they are, learning through music, movement and play.”

Her partners at Little Art House believe the 10-month program, led by an early childhood educator and creative dance instructor, provides those aged three to five a chance to learn and grow through play. In the end, they believe the experience of creating is far more important than the finished product. The Squish Table is just one of the creative spaces where kids can really stretch their imaginations by using their hands. It is actually a sensory sculpting platform where young artists can work with a variety of safe tools and mediums that change each week. Another kid-friendly, three-dimensional component of the WONDERdance studio is a nearly five-metre peg board with rainbow-coloured golf tees that creates an invitation to play. Registration for the next program begins April 1. For more information go to Penticton Herald

Mark Brett, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Penticton Herald