This Cree man makes perfect bison tenderloin that 'melts in your mouth'

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Ardell Twinn said this meal was 'so tender' and had hints of 'willow' flavour. (Submitted by Ardell Twinn - image credit)
Ardell Twinn said this meal was 'so tender' and had hints of 'willow' flavour. (Submitted by Ardell Twinn - image credit)

It might be the most beautiful meal we've ever showcased in the Arctic Kitchen: bison tenderloin in red wine sauce, with sauteed vegetables and roasted yellow potatoes.

A masterpiece created by a Cree man who has no formal training in the kitchen.

"Ever since I can remember I've always loved to make meals and feed people,'' said Ardell Twinn from Lesser Slave Lake, Alta.

Twinn said cooking is a pleasure and a passion.

"Like how some people like to sculpt, sing, draw … I absolutely love to make meals."

Submitted by Ardell Twinn
Submitted by Ardell Twinn

He also loves to hunt, fish and gather edibles.

"Hunting and gathering is our way of life, it's who we are as Indigenous people," he said.

He said the moment he hunted this bison, he paid his respect and gave thanks.

"It's almost like the animal gives themselves to you," he said.

Twinn said it's very important in his culture to give thanks and "never over harvest."

"When we harvest duck eggs … we are taught to always leave half in the nest," he said. "Same thing with harvesting berries … leave some."

Submitted by Ardell Twinn
Submitted by Ardell Twinn

Even when he's cooking, he always gives respect to the food. And that's exactly what he did when he cooked this mouth watering meal.

First, Twinn seared the bison tenderloin then he popped it in a "medium heat" oven for 10 minutes.

"Then let it rest for eight minutes before slicing," he said.

Next, he placed those succulent pieces of meat on top of sauteed veggies, positioned roasted yellow potatoes on the side and poured red wine sauce over the tenderloins.


Just ask members of CBC North's Facebook group The Arctic Kitchen.

Twinn posted a picture of his meal in the group and people were blown away.

"That's a beautiful looking dish," said one member.

"OMG are u a chef ...if not u should totally be one ....looks amazing," said another.

"That is a Blue Ribbon meal," another member said.

Twinn says he didn't pay too much attention to all of the comments. He's just happy that when he makes traditional meals, he gets to share them with the people he loves.

"Never prepare meals with negative feelings," he said. "Feelings of gratitude will pass on to the people you are feeding."

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