Crescent Heights High School musical theatre presents Head Over Heels

A king about to lose his throne, a queen set to lose her inhibitions and love ready to find two princesses. The journey to save the kingdom is wrought with mistaken identities, jealousy and scandal.

Head Over Heels, a modern musical fairy tale about an Elizabethan royal family, open’s Thursday, Feb. 2 at Crescent Heights High School.

Drama teacher Jennifer Davies says, “It’s a very fun night featuring the music of The Go-Go’s and Belinda Carlisle.”

Carter Curliss is in Grade 10 and this is his first experience in a drama production and singing in front of an audience, but he feels it’s a lot better than sitting at home alone on his phone.

“I wanted something to do after school and I thought this would be a fun opportunity.”

Curliss plays Dametas, the king’s assistant. He’s appreciated the challenge of learning lines and the few bits of singing he takes on.

“I’m looking forward to the audience. I’m enjoying the community we have and have made lots of good friends.”

Carlie O’Connor is in Grade 12 and has been in drama since Grade 7. Her elder sister got her into drama, “Seeing her perform on stage and the amount of fun she was having. Ever since my first musical it’s stuck with me.”

She is playing Philoclea, a female lead, and O’Connor has liked interpreting the role and giving it her own flair.

“The lines, there is meaning to them and purpose but also the comedy of it.”

After graduation, O’Connor plans to enter an education program and become a teacher.

The other female lead, Pamela, is being played by Asia Chynoweth, who has also been in drama since Grade 7.

“I think it is very funny. It’s not childish humour and doesn’t talk down to the audience. It’s more mature. My character is very full of herself and that’s her downfall. Then she learns to accept other people, be a little more humble. I feel like that is a good lesson for me.”

Chynoweth plans to begin the long road to becoming a psychologist following graduation.

A main feature of Crescent Heights’ musical productions is the accompanying music is live as well.

“We are fortunate to have a live band under the direction of our band teacher, Mr. Curtis Perrin,” said Davies. “I think it would be a big highlight for audiences to see live musicians playing and accompanying a full cast in a musical.”

Two fundraising events will be taking place, a silent auction and baked goods donated by the Redcliff Bakery will be on sale. Profits will help run the program and pay for a trip to New York City at Easter, where several students are travelling to participate in the Broadway Student Summit.

Tickets are available on the school’s website,, for $25 each and will also be available at the door. Dates for shows are Feb. 2-4, 9-11. All performances start at 7 p.m. and run for about two hours.

SAMANTHA JOHNSON, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Medicine Hat News