Crimean Bridge ferries damaged after apparent ATACMS missile and drone strike

Ferries were damaged in Kerch by an ATACMS attack
Ferries were damaged in Kerch by an ATACMS attack

Car and rail ferries near the Crimean Bridge in Kerch, temporarily occupied Crimea were damaged after a series of explosions rang out, claimed the so-called "minister" of transport of the occupation "authorities" in Crimea.

Ferry service was stopped, though there were no civilian or navy casualties and the only damage was to the glazing of the superstructure, he claimed.

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The Russian aggressors transport military equipment on ferries, the Crimean Wind Telegram channel said.

Videos of explosions have appeared online.

Russian air defense allegedly "shot down" eight ATACMS missiles over the Azov Sea and eight UAVs over the Black Sea near Crimea, Russia's Defense Ministry claimed.

Two naval drones were also "destroyed," they claimed.

Powerful explosions in Kerch were reported earlier on May 30, shutting down traffic on the Crimean Bridge.

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