Croatian, French fans celebrate World Cup final in Vancouver

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Croatian, French fans celebrate World Cup final in Vancouver

France may have won the World Cup, but Croatian fans in Vancouver still found reason to celebrate.

Croatia managed to put two goals between the posts, but France took home the title with a 4-2 win Sunday.

In Vancouver, Croatian fans gathered at the Croatian Cultural Centre and much of the crowd remained in good spirits despite the loss.

'We won before the game started'

"We are a nation of only four million people and we are second in the world," said Crotian fan Milan Milcovic.

"Second is fair for us. Twenty years ago we were third, now second, another few years and we will be on top," said Milcovic.

Mario Kazulin also expressed pride for his country's team.

"I left Croatia when I was five. I'm 53. I never thought I'd see this in my lifetime," said Mario Kazulin.

Kazulin was overcome with emotion and let a few tears fall as he reflected on how far his team has come.

"We won before the game started."

'It was not a surprise'

Vancouver's Creekside Park was awash with red, white and blue — the colours of the French flag — as French fans took to the streets to revel in their win.

"It was not a surprise, they were really good," Colleen Dubrais told CBC News.

"They were easy-going at first but then were like beasts," said Dubrais over the din of the crowd singing French victory songs.

"It was so much fun, there was so much love," said Rimpy Sahota. "The French are so supportive and they are such amazing people when it comes to sports."

Dubrais even showed some support for the rival team.

"I was sad for the Croatians when it was 4-1 and I said, 'Come on you guys, you need to get one for your honour and then they did it.'"

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