Croatian Hall hosting afternoon socials

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The Schumacher Croatian Society had an Afternoon Community Social today, which also included a demonstration on how to make a cucumber soup.

This is the second such social held at the hall. The organizers said they had good participation in the past, but think the rain could have reduced today's involvement.

This event was in collaboration with the Anti-hunger Coalition Timmins' (ACT) Good Food Market selling fresh vegetables and fruits.

“The food market comes once a month and provides fresh vegetables for the public. So we thought at the same time we could partner up and have the social available with Croatian cooking,” said Darlene Polowy, an executive member of the Croatian Society.

Kathy Vukobratic, another executive member, showed the visitors how to make cucumber soup.

“In the past, people would come to our social. Because we are just getting started, we need more publicity,” she said.

The Croatian Social is keen on having multicultural participation in their events.

“We are asking everybody to come, not just for members,” Polowy said.

In addition to enjoying their coffee and food, Vukobratic hopes “ to have people engage in conversation or play games."

Jinsh Rayaroth, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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