Crowsnest council gets ball rolling with general discussion

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Crowsnest council got right down to business Oct. 26 at its first regular meeting of the term with several general topics of discussion brought to the table.

From the minutes

At the last regular council meeting on Oct. 5, council discussed a few topics in closed session, including a board member discussion on the topic of personal privacy, details relating to a staffing change, a land sale application and a Senior Housing Operating Grant agreement.

Deputy mayor

Coun. Lisa Sygutek will take up the position of deputy mayor for November and December, followed by Coun. Glen Girhiny for January and February, Coun. Doreen Glavin for March and April, Coun. Dave Filipuzzi for May and June, Coun. Vicki Kubik for July to August, and Coun. Dean Ward for September and October.


Council passed motions to review the following correspondence at a future date: a development permit approval from Annette Bone, a letter of objection to vaccine passports from Vyk Harnett, an invitation to the Santa Claus Parade in Fort Macleod on Nov. 27 and a notice of recreation opportunities from John McCann.

Upcoming obligations

Couns. Glavin and Kubik will represent the municipality at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association convention in Edmonton from Nov. 17 to 19, while Couns. Sygutek and Ward will attend the Rural Municipalities of Alberta convention in Edmonton from Nov. 23 to 26.

Funding for new skatepark

Ian Gauthier appeared before council on behalf of the Southwest Alberta Skateboard Society to discuss the development of a new skateboard park at Flumerfelt Park in Coleman, but council postponed discussion on the matter until SWASS develops a more detailed plan.

Mayor Painter said he was disappointed with what the group brought forward, adding that he had hoped for more information.

“Are they expecting this to be a council-funded initiative or is there going to be anything similar to what happened in Sparwood where they went out and did fundraising?” he asked.

“The way it’s left here, this is going to fall on councillors and I would like to see a little bit more guided recommendation.”

Coun. Ward wondered how council would fit the money for a new skatepark into the 2022 budget when the financial plans for the year are nearly finalized. He suggested council leave the issue until the 2023 budget cycle.

But Coun. Sygutek said the group wouldn’t have to wait if it could come up with the majority of the funding itself, in which case council could pull a small amount of funding from reserves.

Sygutek was largely in favour of the plan and said Crowsnest council should look to the outdoor skatepark at the Sparwood rec centre for inspiration.

In the end, council carried a motion to invite SWASS back to give a more detailed presentation.

“I’d like to get the ball rolling on this,” said Mayor Painter. “I want to hear the commitment that the skateboard group has to this project, so it would be a real good opportunity for them to come back and talk to council.”

Next meeting

The next regular council meeting takes place Tuesday, Nov. 9, at 1 p.m.

Gillian Francis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shootin' the Breeze

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