Crowsnest council votes on property rezoning

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Crowsnest Pass council voted on a number of land-use bylaw amendments to rezone various properties during the June 8 council meeting.

Dairy Park Road

One notable amendment that council voted to delay was the proposed rezoning of Dairy Road Park in Bellevue, Bylaw 1078. The proposal would have seen the park rezoned from recreation and open spaces to multi-family residential to permit a townhouse project.

The park was identified in the municipal development plan as a good location to transition to high-density residential use because of its prime location and the fact it is a large, intact parcel.

Stiff pushback from residents during the public hearing resulted in council voting to postpone second reading so residents unable to attend the June 8 meeting could voice their views at another public hearing, which will be held July 13 at 7 p.m. at the MDM Community Centre.

Aurora Estates

The landowner and developer of Aurora Estates, formerly called Sunnybrook Estates, intends to reduce the subdivision’s lot sizes to increase density and provide a variety of home styles. The developer’s intentions coincide with the municipality’s development plan.

To facilitate the Aurora Estate plans, a new subdivision is required, which necessitates closing 87th Street, 26th Avenue and 25th Avenue. Council passed second and third reading of Bylaw 1070, which will now be forwarded to the registrar of land titles for registration and the final closure of the roads.

Additionally, council passed second and third readings for Bylaw 1073, which rezones former municipally reserved parcels from recreation and open spaces to residential (R-1), which permits mainly single-family homes.

First reading

First reading was passed for rezoning a single lot in Bellevue from recreation and open space to residential (R-1), which will allow the sale of the property to a developer interested in building a single-family dwelling.

The lot is located on 211th Street, east of 22nd Avenue. Utility services exist on the property, and the surrounding properties are zoned as R-1. A public hearing for the rezoning will be held July 6 at 7 p.m. at the MDM Community Centre.

Sean Oliver, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Shootin' the Breeze

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