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Get fit while you sit: The genius Cubii Jr. 2 workout machine is over $120 off

Wish you could keep your blood pumping while you’re busy doing paperwork? Struggling with achy joints that are making you lose your motivation to even get off the couch? Well, guess what? It’s possible — in fact, it’s easy — to squeeze in a workout without even getting out of your seat. The Cubii JR2 Compact Seated Elliptical — on sale for just $180 at QVC (was $304) — is a genius little machine. It lets you stick to your fitness goals while watching TV, answering emails or even rehabilitating from an injury. Set up this cool gadget anywhere you are stationary — under a desk, beneath a dining room table, and yes, even at the foot of your couch. The Cubii JR2 is lighter than its predecessor and even easier to move around!

Don’t want to pay all in one go? Opt for five Easy Pay installments of just $35.99. Plus, if you’re a first-time QVC shopper, you can grab free shipping on your first purchase with code FREESHIP.

Photo of woman in sweats and sneakers with feet on Cubii machine below her desk.
Catch up on your correspondence or your fave shows as you exercise. (Photo: QVC)

In true QVC fashion, some great goodies are included: A nonslip mat keeps the base still even when you're vigorously moving. And there’s a display monitor to track stats like calories burned and distance. It comes in five fun colors, too. Check out this video to see it in action.

Thanks to ultra-smooth and stable non-impact gears, the machines are gentle on joints and perfect for anyone trying to ease back into an exercise routine or hoping to supplement gym workouts in their downtime.

The Cubii Jr. 2 shown with the acompanying floor mat
Your healthy couch companion is on sale right now! (Photo: QVC)

Take it from these happy (and healthy) customers:

One shares, "I returned home from Hospital/Rehab after four months and I still needed a walker to walk. I have a stationary Bike, but I knew I wouldn't be able to get up and get on the bike. This was the perfect solution for me. I needed to strengthen my quad muscles. I did this every day from May 16th, and on June 3rd, my 70th birthday, I threw away my walker.... I truly believe that Cubii did for me what no physical therapist could ever do."

Another adds, "Bought this to aid rehab following total knee replacement. What a nice addition to my home exercises. My physical therapist was excited I have added this at home, too. Anything to keep moving the knee, and will be greatly useful in another week when knee number two faces that same surgery. Glad I purchased this super quiet little machine."

It acts as a virtual trainer, working to help you improve your posture and engage your core while you train. It has eight resistance levels, an ergonomic design, and it’s so quiet you won’t lose focus or risk distracting others in the room. In other words, family movie night is no sweat with this covert workout buddy.