Cumberland College to implement COVID-19 vaccination policy

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In an effort to reduce COVID-19 transmissions, Cumberland College employees, students, board members and visitors will be required to show a weekly negative COVID-19 test or provide proof of vaccination starting in December.

“Vaccination is a key element in the protection against COVID-19,” said Rebecca Cross, Cumberland College’s manager of safety and institutional development. “The science overwhelmingly indicates that vaccines are the best way to reduce the transmission and effects of COVID-19, so our college is doing whatever we can to encourage students and staff to get vaccinated.”

This is the first COVID-19 testing policy implemented by Cumberland College.

During the rollout, employees and students are asked to complete a COVID-19 vaccination self-declaration form by Nov. 3.

Cross said while they will not be requiring proof of vaccination or weekly COVID-19 tests for entry onto campuses before Dec. 10, by completing the declaration form it will make things flow smoother for administration. Proof of vaccination will still be accepted after the date.

“We need a rollout period so we’re asking students and staff to self-declare,” Cross said. “In the meantime we’ll be helping students and staff receive vaccinations or whatever else they need.”

In a statement, Lynn Verklan, Cumberland College’s vice president of finance and administration, said they believe it takes a collective effort from both students and staff to ensure the safety of everyone on their campuses.

“Our college will continue to follow public health orders and implement additional safety protocols in an effort to make our campuses and communities as safe as possible,” Verklan said.

Further details about the COVID-19 proof of vaccination or negative testing policy will be communicated with students and staff.

Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal

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