Curfew requested for dirt bikes on Marthaville Sideroad

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Corey McKinnon feels there needs to be a curfew at the dirt bike track that borders his property on the Marthaville Sideroad. He made his concerns known at the Township of Enniskillen Council meeting on June 6.

“I have never heard anyone say they moved to the country to enjoy the sound of dirt bikes,” said McKinnon. The track was built only 20 feet from his property line and he says the noise can reach over 120 decibels.

He can still hear the noise while he is inside his home with the doors and windows closed. He has even had his sleep disrupted at night and can hear the dirt bikes when he gets up in the morning. This dirt bike track was not there when he purchased his property.

Kristen Kelvin, the owner of the property with the dirt bike track, said the track has only been used three times this year, twice after school for two to three hours and once on a Saturday afternoon for two hours.

“The most dirt bikes that have been on the track are four because I have four children,” Kelvin said. The dirt bikes vary from 65 cc to 250 cc, she said. McKinnon said he has a number of photographs of the activity on the track, saying at least one shows 10 dirt bikes on the track.

Mayor Kevin Marriott said McKinnon has called him a couple of times about the issue. McKinnon said he had a list of names of neighbours who are also concerned about the noise issue.

“”I know you have mentioned some names but I don’t think I had anyone contact me,” said Marriott. The other four members of council all said this was the first time they had heard of this issue.

McKinnon said he would gather the signatures of other concerned citizens and submit it to the township. Council will wait for this additional information before moving forward.

The Township currently has an off-road vehicle bylaw, which limits off-road vehicles being driven from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Saturday. This only applies to two specific areas in the township and this Marthaville Sideroad location is not one of them.

Blake Ellis, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Independent

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